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BIRTHDAY Russian vodka!

You know that not only humans and pets have the day of birth, but also the vodka has too - and this January 31.

Of course, this is not an official holiday, and celebrate his fans of this type of alcohol, but all the same, the celebration has its own history:

Exactly 152 years ago, January 31, in 1865 Mendeleyev was granted the Doctor of Science degree for the thesis “on the combination of alcohol with water”, and though his thesis contributed to the development of chemistry, it is believed that Mendeleev found the "ideal" proportions and "created" vodka of 40 degrees.

Nevertheless, it is interesting that the word "vodka" comes from the word water. Linguists are still arguing about the true meaning of the word: maybe because vodka is as clear as water, possibly due to the chemical composition, and may it went from the Indians, who drink called "fire water".

This drink became popular among the Russian population in the early 16th century when the restaurants and taverns began to appear. However, vodka poured in not all familiar to us a bottle, just in buckets to take away. Only years later, thanks to the reform, vodka began to sell bottled.

On the Day of vodka birthday, we would like to tell a humorous poem, and wish all consumers to choose only high -quality and proven alcoholic beverages such as vodka KASATKA, VALENKI, RUSSKIY LES (Russian Forest). Because our vodka is produced under strict quality control, unique technologies and presented a large number of awards.

Many years ago
scientist Mendeleev
he invented vodka
for happiness and fun

Vodka is forty degrees
native, strong for people,
Every Russian man
knows taste of vodka

You should drink sensibly

And with delicious snacks

Observe the moderation

So as not to lose the sense

Водка Kasatka
Kasatka vodka
Russkiy Les vodka

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