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The brand VALENKI has lightened stars on its first birthday!

The brand "VALENKI" has lightened stars on its first birthday!

The VALENKI brand celebrated on a large scale a grand event - its first birthday, on February 11, 2014 in the concert hall "Korolevskii" at the Ostankino TV tower complex! Exactly one year has passed from the date of presentation of the brand, which took place at the exhibition Prodexpo 2013.

VALENKI vodka is a promising young brand on the alcohol market, and has already won awards - the Gold Medal at the Prodexpo for high quality and for creative design in the category Industrial Design of the Year 2013!

"Just one year has passed since the creation of the brand - and there have already been many important and interesting events, amazing meetings and discoveries. We think that anniversary of the VALENKI brand on the market is a landmark event. And so, we have gathered employees and distributors to our extraordinary show - "VALENKI lightens stars" at such a landmark, recognizable and grandiose building as the TV-complex "Ostankino". Believe, our intentions with respect to the brand VALENKI are as grand and ambitious as the Ostankino Tower is"- said the company's founder and President of the Diamond Holding Zaur Balagov.



The VALENKI is confidently striding across Russia and is already present in 82 regions, with more than 40, 000 outlets. The brand is available at the Duty Free of Moscow airports for those who like unusual presents for foreign friends and appreciate the high quality of alcoholic beverages in travel.

The brand "VALENKI" has lightened stars on its first birthday!

The immediate objective of the company is to enter the markets of the CIS and the United States.

The brand VALENKI supports actively the cultural and sports activities, and social projects.

The VALENKI vodka helped our team at the World Cup, visited with the best operatic voices in the Hall of Columns of the House of Unions and in the Grand Kremlin Palace. It warmed VALENKI parties in the coolest nightclubs across the country. And it's just the beginning! Today the VALENKI vodka creates a good mood among the guests and fans of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

The main gift for the guests of Diamond Holding, as well as for all the residents of Moscow, was a magical laser show over the entire height of the Ostankino TV tower! Neither the unstable weather conditions, nor the cold could stop the broadcast of the light on the facade of one of the tallest buildings in the world. The guests had an exciting excursion at the Ostankino TV tower and enjoyed stunning views of Moscow.

All those present were waiting for an unforgettable meeting with Russian pop stars, Soso Pavliashvili and Natasha Koroleva.

Soso Pavliashvili and Zaur Balagov

The artists made ​​a spectacular concert and congratulated warmly the Diamond Holding and the brand VALENKI on its success!

Natasha Koroleva congratulates brand vodka VALENKI happy birthday

Daintith dishes, made by specially invited for this occasion chief cook, beverages  and brand products of Diamond Holding - ZOLOTO FRANTSII Champagne, ZOLOTYE KAPLI cognac, PEARL OF ELBRUS mineral water and yummy delicacies from the brand SPELO-ZRELO decorated the celebratory banquet. And of course all the guests with pleasure tasted the vodkas VALENKI Gold and VALENKI Silver - the main heroes of the occasion.


Diamond Group of companies and partners celebrates birthday of the brand VALENKI vodka

At the end of the program extraordinary fireworks in honor of the birthday of the brand VALENKI lit up the night sky of Ostankino!  

fireworks in honor of the birthday of the brand VALENKI lit up the night sky of Ostankino

Diamond Holding is proud of its brand – VALENKI vodka. And the first year has been a great start for the formation and demonstration of its high potential!

The holding "Diamond" is proud of its brand – the vodka VALENKI

Soso Pavliashvili congratulates VALENKI with the birthday >>


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