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«CORTILE RITORTO» - Italian collection in the best traditions of winemaking.

"CORTILE RITORTO" - Italian collection in the best traditions of winemaking.

Diamond Holding represents a new line of Italian wines, «CORTILE RITORTO», which embodies elegance and character of romantic and passionate Italy.

Italy - an amazing country, it combined history and modernity, many eras and rich cultural heritage, ancient traditions in more than three thousand years and originality. It is rightly considered that Italian wines are one of the most popular and sought in the world.

For this reason, Diamond Holding studied many centuries of experience and skills and created an Italian collection in the best traditions of winemaking in Italy, with impeccable taste and the highest quality.

If you want to arrange a warm family dinner or a romantic date, the wine from the collection «CORTILE RITORTO» will become a highlight of your evening.

A high level of quality and premium is achieved through laboratory control and Italian production technologies that allow preserving the aroma, taste and fine structure of the wine, making this line memorable and colorful.

In a European style, the strict and refined design of the bottle conveys the style and elegance of Italy, and the use of "screw plug" in the blockage allows creating a number of advantages:

First of all, to avoid the appearance of a "cork disease", namely an unpleasant smell due to a corrupted cork;

Secondly, due to the absence of the risk of oxidation, the wine remains to the same taste as the wine maker conceived;

Thirdly, and most importantly, it's easy to open.



The line of the blended wines "CORTILE RITORTO" is represented from four grades:
  • «CORTILE RITORTO» Red Semi-Sweet - this delicious wine has an impregnate ruby color with a dash of purple, gorgeous complex aroma of red fruits and a full balanced flavor with hints of prunes.
  • «CORTILE RITORTO» Red Semi-Dry - this delicious wine has a deep ruby red color, complex aroma of ripe fruit and full-bodied taste with harmonious tartness.
  • «CORTILE RITORTO» Semi-Sweet White - this delicious wine has a straw-golden color, pleasant floral aroma, full and harmonious taste with hints of white fruit and honey.
  • «CORTILE RITORTO» Semi-Dry White - this delicious wine has a beautiful rich golden color, clean aroma with notes of tropical fruit and a pleasant harmonious taste.
Try novelties from the Holding Diamond and feel the taste of elegance for life! 


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