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The Diamond coat of arms

The Diamond coat of arms
Diamond holding now has its own coat of arms to express the traditions of the owner and preserve his history. Let’s give a touch to the mystery and magnetic world of heraldry and enter the knight’s epoch where from the coat of arms came to the modern society. Introducing… 
Coat of arms (translated from German Erbe –inheritance) first appeared in Western Europe, where the art of correct composition for the coat of arms was initiated. Until present, heraldry was a very delicate science of mystery and symbolism saved from the Middle age epoch, full of mysticism, and is present in each symbol, color and even combinations of symbols.
Here are some clues and hints for better understanding and interpretation of the Diamond Holding coat of arms in the context of strict heraldry rules. 
When the first coats of arms appeared in the knight’s epoch, a lot of elements were automatically connected with the armament and had corresponding titles - shield, helmet, crown, crest, supporters (the images of people, allegoric figures or heraldic animals, standing on hind feet) and the motto. 
The shield — is one of the main elements of the coat of arms. It contains symbols that describe the owner. There are numerous forms of the shields, but the most ancient is the triangle that taper to the bottom. This is the Norman, or Varangian shield, as it is called in Russian heraldry. This type is represented in our coat of arms. 
On the frontal background of the Diamond shield is the golden sword – the figure of the coat of arm’s protection and the symbol of mental weapon that symbolizes brightness and goodness. 
On the shield, from both sides of the sword you can see two birds of paradise. These are Gamayuns – holy birds of the peace, oracle messengers of God. They predict the future to everybody who can listen. The legend says “if a Gamayun bird flies above a man and gives him a wave of its wing, he will become the Lord of the World for sure”. 
You have definitely seen the icy summits of the highest mountain in Russia and in Europe – Elbrus, raised above the clouds. These mountains make the list of the highest summits of the planet “the seven summits”. 
The motto is located on the ribbon out of the shield area. It briefly transforms deep and insightful idea, which the owner of the coat of arms had chosen as a life credo and a reminder for the main direction of his activities. Our motto- «Fides. Victoria» translated from Latin means «Faith. Victory». 
Two lions, petrified on hind feet, hold the shield of the coat of arms. The Lion signifies royal power and might. It also comes laden with the positive image of Sun energy, military power and courage, wisdom and justice, generosity and magnanimity. Just look at it, the Lion on the right, in a fearsome grin turns its head to your side – nobody dares to disturb neither with word, nor with action the achievements of the owner of the coat of arms –Indeed, the lion keeps a wary eye on this! 
The crown signifies authority assigned to the owner of the coat of arms. It is often embodied with light as a symbol of spiritual power and charisma. Usually, it’s made of gold and precious gems. You can see the mysterious symbols ZB on our crown. 
The Imperial eagle petrified above the crown. Many experts ascertain that the eagle is connected with the sun, since the eagle which is the king of the birds, flies higher than other birds. This makes it closer to the sun. The eagle embodies generosity and authority, and points out to the godhead of man’s origin. Besides this, the eagle symbolizes power, brevity, nobility and wisdom. The head of the eagle is the sign of fair and honest power, and an Imperial eagle means the possibility of its expansion to the West and to the East. 
Finally, each color used in the coat of arms has its own meaning. The gold symbolizes magnificence, wealth and respect. Silver stands for wisdom and purity. And purple – dignity and authority. 
And the mysterious inscriptions at the ends of the tape please try to puzzle it out.
Diamond Holding – the knighthood and dignity in our history! 


Diamond holding

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