29 April 2016 rss

«Diamond» Holding celebrates Easter

Easter! Christ has risen, indeed He has risen! «Diamond» Holding celebrates with all the Christians on this bright Holiday!

There are so many bright colors this day on our tables: Easter eggs decorated and painted on the eve of this bright holiday! There are so many flavored tasty Easter cakes also on the tables that were baked with such warmness and love! And the faces of people are so delighted with smiles and kindness! Russian manufacturer of food products and drinks «Diamond» Holding supported all the believers during the Great Lent, when it was so important to watch your food.

We will be glad to share the Holiday times with you as well! Perfect Easter cakes with jam, delicious paskhas with fruits out of compote, juicy pickled products and salads on the festive table, flavored Russian wine! The table should be really festive on this important day, and «Diamond» Holding will help with this! We would like to wish everybody to keep for long this uplift in our hearts, be glad and thankful for every moment on this Earth! Let’s not forget a Great event for the good of the people, to keep the faith and pass it on to our children. So even after some years there would be the same beautiful Easter cakes on the tables, and the souls would not know misfortunes and bitterness! Compliments!

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