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«Diamond» Holding renovates children's hospital

«Diamond» Holding In terms of the initiative devoted to the Children's Day will paint the walls of the Children's city clinic hospital named after Z.A.Bashlyaeva in Tushino.

Do you remember your childhood? More likely, yes… Even though our memory keeps only positive recollections from the past, but long corridors, specific smell and one-colored grey walls unlikely will get out of the mind one day. That’s why «Diamond» Holding took up the renovation of the corridors of the children’s clinic. The pictures on the walls may help to distract children from sad thoughts during the first few minutes of staying in hospital.

The main aim of the company is to make the stay of little patients far away from their sweet home more pleasant. Vivid pictures on the walls with good motives from Russian traditional fairytales will help to improve better the atmosphere of the facility and disperse all unwanted fears. Let every moment from your childhood be positive and colorful!

Painters from the academy named after S.G.Stroganov answered the request to help the children almost immediately. They created magnificent sketches after different popular fairytales, and later will go on painting their works on the walls of the hospital. This is really an irregular canvas for a painter! At the moment, it looks like a picture on paper below, and as soon as the painters finish their exam week, this will all become a reality!


Aren’t you interested in what it will look like at the end? Follow the company news on the website, soon it will be seen how the initiative of the Russian manufacturer of food products «Diamond» Holding will animate the walls of the hospital.

The company’s team of specialists would like to kindly remind all that it’s better to stay healthy and see the walls of any hospital only on pictures!

«Diamond» Holding – taking care of children! Be healthy!


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