13 October 2016
Horseradish and mustard – new products from «SPELO-ZRELO!»
«SPELO-ZRELO» now adds traditional Russian spicy seasonings to your table-Horseradish and mustard burning.
07 October 2016
«SPELO-ZRELO» opens first mansion!
«SPELO-ZRELO» opened its first specialized Mansion «SPELO-ZRELO» in a true Russian style at the Moscvoretsky market in Moscow.
30 September 2016
Сергей Бублик для Бизнес Столицы. Спело-Зрело и его успех
The sales director Sergey G. Bublik shared reasons for the successful promotion of brands in an interview with the special journal «Business capital».
28 September 2016
Wine «L'or de la France» - the exquisite taste of France!
The line of blended wines «L'or de la France»: a combination of elegant French style and exquisite wine bouquet.
20 September 2016
Холдинг «Даймонд» представляет новинку осени – сочные оливки и маслины.
The range of «SPELO-ZRELO» presents seedless olives of a variety of Manzanilla.