05 May 2016
«Diamond» Holding congratulates with this Great Holiday – one more year since the victory over fascist Germany!   
29 April 2016
Easter! Christ has risen, indeed He has risen! «Diamond» Holding celebrates with all the Christians on this bright Holiday!
27 April 2016
«Diamond» Holding took part in the Congress of Russian outlet chains proprietors on April the 18-19th.
26 April 2016
«Diamond» Holding in advance of the Great Victory holiday congratulated the war veteran of the rearward areas – Evgenia Larionova.
18 April 2016
«Diamond» Holding – The Social frontrunner
The charity project of «Diamond» Holding - «Sunbeam into the world of childhood» - was highlighted among the best participants of a special Russian Program «The best social programs of the year 2015».