06 June 2016
«Diamond» Holding presented a sunny mood to children on the International Children’s day.
31 May 2016
«Diamond» Holding In terms of the initiative devoted to the Children's Day will paint the walls of the Children's city clinic hospital named after Z.A.Bashlyaeva in Tushino.
28 May 2016
The Sea! The Sun! Crimean summer with «Spelo-Zrelo»
«Diamond» Holding is waiting for everybody in Crimea with its own «Spelo-Zrelo» brand in the new 2016 summer season. 
24 May 2016
«Bouquet of Kuban» - new wines in collection
«Diamond» Holding introduces new products in its line of semisweet wines «Bouquet of Kuban» - white Muscat and red Cabernet.  
12 May 2016
Professor Arseniy Mironov told «Diamond» Holding employees his war story prior to the Great Victory Holiday.